I'm a consumer, designer, or jeweler, how do I buy the gems?


Loose gemstones

Moyo Gemstones are sold through well-established international trading partners who live and breathe social responsibility:

  • Monica Stephenson, ANZA Gems,  email:  monica @ idazzle .com  
  • Stuart Pool, Nineteen48, email:  stuart @ nineteen48 .com  

ANZA Gems sells an array of finished gems in nearly every color of the rainbow and every variety the land provides in East Africa. Visit www.anzagems.com 

Nineteen48 offers responsibly mined and fully traceable colored gemstones from a number of carefully selected sources around the world.  Visit http://www.nineteen48.com 

Beautiful jewelry

Scroll down this page to find designers and jewelers near you who are using Moyo Gemstones!

How do I find designers & jewelers featuring these gemstones?


North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)

New York (and online) 

     Bliss Lau  (NYC) 

Pennsylvania (and online) 

     Emily Chelsea Jewelry (Philadelphia)

Europe & UK

Italy (and online) 

     Ethical Jewels by Gioielleria Belloni  (Milano)

                   Beautiful finished jewelry pieces seen here, here, and here

     Maraismara (Torrice, Frosinone)



     NYSSA Jewelry  (Paris, France)
                   Beautiful finished jewelry can be seen here and here.  

United Kingdom (and online) 

     Clifton Rocks (Bristol) 

     Cox + Power  (London) 

     James Newman Jewellery  (Birmingham) 

     Justin Duance Jewellery  (Penzance, Cornwall) 

     Lila's Jewels  (London) 

     Lisa Rothwell-Young Ethical Fine Jewellery (Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland) 

     Moira Patience Fine Jewellery   (Edinburgh, Scotland) 

     Nikki Stark Jewellery  (London) 

     Sally Grant Jewellery  (Edinburgh and Fife, Scotland) 

     Scarlett Erskine  (Dundee, Scotland) 

Australia, New Zealand & Asia

Coming soon!

Latin America and Africa

Coming soon!

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