Gems from the heart


Moyo Gemstones is an ethical gemstone collaboration born in Tanzania. We are working with female artisanal gem miners of the Umba Valley to assure rubies, sapphires, tourmalines, and garnets from mine to market. 

We work to empower women miners to work safely, mine better, improve financial security, and create stable, equitable markets for fair trade. 

What's behind a name? 

Nzuri Moyo means 'beautiful spirit' or 'blessed heart' in Swahili. In Shona, it means 'heart'. Moyo Gemstones represents a new kind of beauty. They are gems from the heart. 

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Our story and our promise

Program beginnings

Marvin with GIA guidebook

An innovating program between GIA and Pact laid the groundwork for more. 

Meet the gem miners


Meet Mary, Hadijah, Maisaidi, Mama Peter, Mwasi, and Miriam, just a few of the female miners of Tanzania's Umba Valley.

Where to purchase


Join us as a buyer of these truly beautiful stones. 

Mining and traceability


We're clear in how we define responsible sourcing and how we trace.

Meet the team


A big thank you to the program founders 



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