Responsible mining and trading

Embracing progressive improvement


CRAFT for Gemstones is the standard that all participating mining units are working towards (by following the CRAFT stepwise approach process). Moyo participants have prioritized environmental stewardship as an 'extra' area that goes beyond CRAFT. 

We are working with Tanzanian engineering services firm MTL Consulting to work with enrolled Moyo miners to improve health and safety, working conditions, and basic geological and engineering support... all in Swahili (the main language in the region). MTL has worked with Fairtrade's ASM gold miners in East Africa. 

We've received the enthusiastic support of the Government of Tanzania for our program and for the efforts to improve global market opportunities for ASM communities. 

Background on CRAFT

In 2018, the world's first global 'entry' standard for artisanal and small-sale mining (ASM) was introduced. The Code of Risk-mitigation for ASM engaging in Formal Trade (CRAFT) was collaboratively created amongst ASM specialists and ASM themselves. Moyo Gemstones (via Pact) is now co-creating and trialing the 'CRAFT for Gemstones' standard. For more information on CRAFT, see 

Collaboration and knowledge-sharing 

We're sharing knowledge and resources with other initiatives, particularly across the border in Kenya, which shares the same gem belt as Tanzania, and where Swahili is also spoken and that has a high population of women gem miners. 

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Tracked from Moyo miner to market

How it works 

As part of their enrollment, we verify all mining units' legal status. They are invited to participate in health and safety training occurring near their mine. We will plot their progress against both Tanzanian mining law and the CRAFT for Gemstones standard in order to monitor their progress in improving their responsible mining skill-sets. Then they are invited to participate in 'market days', where vetted local brokers (traders) intermix and Moyo units sell to whoever they choose. All sales are voluntary and up to the miner whether to sell to the Moyo system or not. From there, stones are bagged in branded tamper-proof bags, duties/taxes are paid by the approved exporter, and the gemstones are delivered to program trading partners (ANZA Gems and Nineteen48) and then onto you! 

Traceability begins at market day 

Gem mining can be unpredictable. One week there can be a discovery, and the following week there can be no activity. To save on costs and recognizing this unpredictability, traceability begins at regular 'market days'. We know the area, we cross check program sales versus mining discoveries, we have a whistle-blowing mechanism, and program participants have agreed on a 'one strike and you are out' rule to limit the likelihood of members attempting to sell stones that are not theirs.