Program beginnings

Success following success

In 2016, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) approached international nonprofit organization Pact with a simple question: Could providing gemstone education to those who mine them make a difference? Pact has unique expertise with artisanal and small-scale mining (ASM) communities, and knew the answer to the question was 'YES'. A pilot project began with GIA trainers and Pact staff and an organization with which Pact was familiar: the Tanzania Women Miners Association (TAWOMA). 

The pilot took place in Tanga province, Tanzania, where TAWOMA had an active chapter of gem miners eager to learn new skills. The pilot was a runaway success, assisting the women miners to get between 3-5 times what they were earning before on their stones thanks to this new knowledge. Yet, the miners were still selling on a subsistence basis because of the asymmetric structure of the gem market. 

ANZA Gems, Nineteen48, and Pact met at the Chicago Responsible Jewelry Conference in 2017 and decided that -- together-- they could create something new. Everledger, an emerging technology enterprise, then joined the group bringing its expertise in digital provenance traceability to the program. A few months later, the group visited the women miners in Tanga to propose the basic idea, solicit interest, and co-design the project with the miners themselves, with the leadership of TAWOMA, and with key local leaders. 

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